It’s amazing how a single person can influence so many people . Look at the history this isn’t just a single isolated incident . It keeps reoccurring time after time . But why? Jim Jones for example . Mass Murder or Mass Suicide ? Their believers have so much devotion, loyalty , trust in these shady individuals. Initially they didn’t win over their supporters with fear or terror, these people voluntarily started to believe and have faith all the way up until things went south. But by that time it was too late .

I believe that there are people that naturally have the ability to influence massive amounts of people just by a single idea. And some people are more gullible than others and believe anything that sounds good. Is it right to only fault the cult leader or should the congregation or devote members have self responsibility as well? If you are set in your ways and believe in what you believe how can a single person hold you mentally as a hostage under their control until they tell your mind, your body, and soul to cease to exist. Now that is amazing, who can ever truly define what that is. Or how? Is it possible to be in a cult and be unaware of your membership? Now that’s the Dark Grey.


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