So called Friends, Lovers

Many years ago a great friend once said that God puts people in our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Since then, I have come across many different types of people from different backgrounds. I’ve met so-called friends that turned out to be enemies, I’ve met so-called lovers that I swore was going to be in my life for a lifetime, and even dedicated my heart to it. When in life all that surrounds us is illusions. What we want people to be versus who they really are. And we try so hard to continue to be in people lives and give them the benefit of the doubt instead of accepting the fact that God put them in our lives for a reason or a season.  We try to change them and mold them into who we want them to be. Deep down we are upset that we have to accept that fact, we wish they were lifetime material. They only enter our lives because our charisma or because we give into their wants and demands, their needs,  we are loving, we are nice, etc. But what always happens at the end of the day……we are disappointed, left with our hearts in our hands, wondering why. What did I do wrong? Why didn’t I see this sooner? Why me? Why does this always happen to me?

The quicker we learn that it’s not us, its them! The happier our daily lives become. People that break our hearts are a blessing in a disguise. They are helping us to become stronger, something better, can’t you agree that you get stronger with every heartache, with every heartbreak. Its their loss. Never should we question ourselves again. God doesn’t want them to be our friend or lover nor be in our lives for a lifetime So when they threaten to leave open the door. When they raise their hands to you put them out your life. When you send them a text message and/or call and they respond when its convenient for them, its time to lose their number when its convenient for you.  I always tell people, “That was fucked up how you did me. But its okay because I don’t have to get revenge, Karma is going to get you, God is going to get you. Enjoy your life”. God is all I need in my life. So-called friends, so-called lovers…..smh.


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