Lil Pump No. 3 on Billboard Hot 100

So I go on twitter today to see Sarah Paulson and this is what comes up. Lil Pump No. 3 on Billboard Hot 100 for single “Gucci Gang”. It’s the shortest song to reach the top 10, the shortest song since 1975.  So I go to YouTube and search Lil Pump Gucci Gang. I’m still in shock did he pay his way to the top? Lil pump has a pattern,  he raps a couple of bars and Ad-libs and goes about his day. There is nothing original about his songs, his lyrics are bad and basic.

In the music video, Gucci Gang, who school are they in with these bags of marijuana lol? He is  talking about his women doing cocaine and he still selling meth!  Oh really Mr. Garcia. Lil pump was born Gazzy Garcia and is 17 years old, where is his parents? Listen to his album when you get a chance it’s so easy to skip through the shit even though he has Lil Yachty and 2 Chainz featured on his album .

Maybe his looks is getting him popularity? Or maybe his fans are just going after the catchy same lyrics and beats. Is he cool? Is this cool?  I think not. I wonder is this his 5 minutes of fame or will some rapper write him some bomb lyrics and turn him into something. Or maybe if he stays off all the “drugs” maybe his brain can heal if it doesn’t already have permanent damage and he could use his potential and write great lyrics and who knows he might be the next Eminem…..LMAO.  But please do tell me your thoughts about Lil Pump. Is he trash? Is he the next best rapper?maxresdefaultf74c043510b9165297cc63ce58ab29c9


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